It All Starts

It's for months that I had the idea of creating an English blog. Now it all starts! I'm now a junior student in Wuhan, a city in Central China. It feels good to write in a foreign language. I don't know whether I can exactly express my thoughts in English, but what so ever, it deserves to try.

As I already have a private Chinese blog, what will I write in this blog? Apple's marketing message is "Life is random." My blog is also random. I'd like to write anything that I think to be interesting. But basically, my blog will focus on my life and my country.

I'm a common folk living in this great century that everyone can have dreams. Internet endows every individual unlimited power which our ancestors had never experienced. Blogs will certainly be part of our history. I believe that many years later, historians will read our blogs as history books can often be cheating while blogs are written by common people and are about the most real life.

This blog will be updated about once a week. I will record myself, and I will record a history.


SiewKong said...

I find your articles most informative and the english is excellent. I'm from Singapore and plan to visit Wuhan sometime mid November. I am most interested in Chinese history and culture. I have read about the places to visit in Wuhan (eg Yellow crane pagoda, East lake and of course the museum) and will probably find time to see them. Do you have any recommendation of places to visit that may be interesting but not commonly featured? If I have around a week, is there other nice place not to far from Wuhan that I should check out? And of course I'll be eating the 'Hot dry noodle'.

Yu Jianfei said...

I have to say, Wuhan is not a city famous for tourism. The places you've mentioned are all deserve to pay a visit. And as you said you were most interested in Chinese history and culture, there is some places as the old leasehold region and Wuchang Uprising Memorial.

Wuhan used to be an important center of politics, commerce and education before 1949, so there can be a lot to see, but the fact is that many remainings are not well preserved.

Anyway, welcome to Wuhan. There must be something interesting here.
Write to me if you come to Wuhan, I'll try my best to give you more information.

SiewKong said...

Thanks Jeff. Will make time to visit it.